Structural reinforcement

Resin for aesthetic and structural needs.

Injecting resin in joints permits the realization of innovative structural elements with thinner sections that meet the aesthetic needs of both architects and engineers.

Resin for reinforcing structures

When your home is attacked by fungus, insects or rot, the structure may be dangerously weakened. To restore the wood's original solidity, Biedermann SA associates metallic components with resin injection.   The process of mixing wood and epoxy resin often allows the choice of cost-effective solutions by avoiding costly replacement of major structural components (roof structure or beams).

Innovative and high-performance technical solutions

Biedermann SA has partnered with Lacroix Renoantic SA for the Geneva region. This company has developed innovative solutions for the reinforcement of wooden structures. High-performance epoxy resins are used for the renovation of vintage wooden structures and also for new builds with complex wooden structures.