Concept and renovation of wooden staircases

The skill of the carpenter able to materialize a spatial form, the ability of the joiner to select and shape the raw material, the cabinetmaker's eye for detail which favors aesthetics and finish.  Creating a staircase calls for know-how that Biedermann SA masters entirely. Thanks to the experience the company has gained over the years, Biedermann SA produces highly specialized work - "exclusively wood" or mixed assemblies using materials such as glass, metal and stone. 

Our services in the conception and renovation of staircases:

  • Interior and exterior staircases
  • Shaped staircases : straight, spiral ¼, ½, ¾, curved, helicoid
  • Renovation of existing staircases
  • Resurfacing of existing staircases (concrete, stone, metal)
  • Hand rails, balustrades, galleries
  • Standardized staircases
  • Mobile and retractable staircases
  • Low bulk staircases