Insulating windows in wood, wood-aluminium, PVC and PVC-aluminium For these types of windows we work in partnership with Egokiefer.Egokiefer is the number 1 in Switzerland for doors and windows. A market position such as this can only benefit the client, whether a building company, an architect or private client. Thanks to their high-tech production methods and a research and development department, their products are guaranteed and certified to be of the highest quality.You benefit thanks to : mass-produced, cost-effective and innovative products with excellent technical -performance, installed by professionals to your individual needs.  

 A rapid and meticulous installation

Egokiefer windows are an excellent supplement to our own window production, more specifically orientated towards vintage-style traditional windows La fenêtre XL® 2020

  • Innovative adhesive technique providing greater solidity to the element as a whole.
  • Window frame particularly narrow.
  • Larger window pane giving up to 15% more light penetration.
  • Improved heat insulation.
  • Modern design.
  • Possibility of creating large window elements.

XL, large luminous area, modern design

Ego®Security is synonym with security Protection against break-in: Basic security with the standard equipment. Many different levels of security MONO; DUO/RC1; TRIO; RC2. Electronic surveillance. Alarmed glass.

Protection against break-in

Ego®Silence is synonym with protection against noise pollution So that you can enjoy the silence to which you have the right Egokiefer windows reduce exterior noise pollution to the strict minimum. All windows are equipped with a high performance glass called EgoVerre®. So even with a standard model you benefit from a high level of sound insulation. To ensure that optimum noise pollution protection is maintained, it is imperative that state of the art installation techniques are used.

Protection against noise pollution

Ego®Air is synonym with ventilation. Egokiefer doors and windows are equipped with a remarkable air-tightness. Any unwanted exchange of air from outside to inside is rendered impossible. However, regular ventilation is essential to maintain a healthy interior. For this purpose, Egokiefer has developed a ventilation system that adapts to each individual’s needs. Insufficient ventilation can cause serious damage to a building: in extreme cases humidity can accumulate causing allergenic mold to develop on the walls.      

SECCO the invisible solution

SECCOVARIO the variable ventilation system In high-use areas, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens or school classrooms, it is judicious to take additional measures. Depending upon their use, certain apartments might also not be sufficiently ventilated and could benefit from such a system.  

SECCOVARIO the variable ventilation system